Booom rent a car in Vracar, in Belgrade, the best agency in Serbia, price from 18 euros per day

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Rent a car Vracar | Belgrade airport

Rent a car Vracar

Rent a car Vracar

Rent a car Vracar - do you want to rent a car or some other vehicle in Vracar? You are in the right place because Booom Rent a Car Airport Belgrade offers to rent a car vehicle at super affordable prices. You can pick up a car rental at Vracar, Nikola Tesla Airport, or any location in Belgrade. Please let the vehicle pick-up date and time in advance so we can prepare and reserve the vehicle you want.

Why choose us?

The answer to this question is easy: because we are the best, most reliable, fastest and fairest car rental agency in Vracar and Belgrade.

Booom rent a car Belgrade airport offers the following key advantages if you rent a car with us:

    1. There are no hidden costs
    2. No deposit for longer rentals
    3. New and modern fleet
    4. Well maintained vehicles
    5. Full comprehensive insurance
    6. Cheap prices
    7. 24/7 technical and customer support
    8. Unlimited local mileage
    9. Same day car replacement in case of damage

Rent a car vehicles

Rent a Car Belgrade Airport Booom offers the largest selection of new rent a car vehicles with manual or automatic transmission. You can also find expensive sports and luxury cars in our fleet.

Rent a car Vracar - prices

Prices of car rental services range from 18 €/day (euros per day) and depend on the season and the discount we offer. Payment for rent and car service is made when taking over the vehicle, without paying a deposit. The vehicle pick-up procedure takes a few minutes. Payment can be made in cash or by any type of payment card (Visa, Master, etc.).

Rent a car conditions

Rent a car is done without paying a deposit. Daily mileage in the bar (in the area of ​​Belgrade) is unlimited. Every rental car vehicle is fully insured against any type of damage.

Other services

In addition to standard vehicle rental with us, you can also use transfer services with a professional driver, rental of luxury vehicles, buses, minibusses, vans, and limousines.

How to book a car rental car?

You can make a car rental reservation through the RESERVATION web page or by calling +381 69 77 63 61.

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How to contact us?

You want to book a car or you have additional questions? Get in touch with us now!