Chess Lessons in London (United Kingdom), the best chess coaches and instructors, affordable prices

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Chess Lessons in London

Who are we? 
Royal Chess Coaching Academy is the top rated professional online school in London, Central London, Eastern London, Eastern Central London, Western Central London, North London, North West London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow and UK that teaches all types of players, from children and amateurs to professionals. Private chess lessons and personalised online chess coaching we offer are the most effective way to learn chess.

The Royal Chess Coaching Academy is the high level professional online chess school in the London area and United Kingdom that offers training and classes to all types of players, from children to professionals.  We have more then 20 years of experience in teaching chess, both children and adults. We conduct training exclusively online, using the most modern IT tools and platforms. Our instructors are fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, German, BCMS and Russian language. 

Why choose us?
If you want to rapidly improve your chess skills, there is no better way than having private lessons with proven chess champions. We provide a carefully tailored chess lessons to our students from professional chess coaches and champions. This approach to learning enhances the student’s chess understanding, gives more confidence and provides a flexible time arrangement suited for the student’s schedule. 

Many years of experience and acquired knowledge of our chess Masters and Grandmasters make us absolutely confident in the quality and results of our work. Private chess lessons include an initial assessment where the instructor will determine the player's strengths and weaknesses, needs, psychological profile, style of chess playing and knowledge, and then create custom tailor a lessons plan to suit the player's needs.

Who are Royal Chess Coaching Academy's Instructors?
Our chess instructors are high-level professionals (usually chess Masters and Grandmasters) who are selected by careful selection to satisfy the basic mission of the Royal Chess Coaching Academy: complete satisfaction of our students, with clear progress in chess playing with harmonized raising of mental and emotional intelligence.

How our chess courses are implemented?
All academic chess courses are held exclusively online, which allows you to follow the one to one lessons from the comfort of your home and to have interactive communication with our instructors. Royal Chess Coaching Academy instructors use already well-established and fast chess platforms ( to work with students. Video communication with course participants is done via Skype, Zoom and Teams.

How to apply to our chess lessons?
You can apply to our chess lessons and courses here: APPLY ONLINE.

How to contact us?
If you want to schedule online classes or you would like to ask us a question, please schedule a call here: SCHEDULE A CALL.

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