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Boris Knezevic is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Studio 77, a leading marketing agency for enterprise brands in the Balkan peninsula, headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia. He is the founder and owner of the Royal Car Rental Group and Booom! rent a car. 

He was a Belgrade University Professor in the field of Internet marketing, Electronic Business, and International Business, for more than 15 years. He is the author of fourteen books, textbooks, and over twenty articles in the field of Business, International Business, Electronic Business, and Internet Marketing.

As a lecturer and professor, he gave a lecture and presented his paper at the J. F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He was trained at Harvard Business School to conduct and prepare case studies according to Harvard methodology.

He has participated in the planning and development of more than 600 online projects in the regional and global markets.

Professor Knezevic has served as a business and marketing consultant to top management in numerous leading international companies, among them Pizza Hut, Opel, Renault, Mercedes, Husqvarna, Dacia, Nissan, Hyundai, etc. He has advised numerous regional companies, and educational and community organizations on business, marketing and strategy.

Professor Knezevic was also actively involved in assisting governments in Serbia related to the evaluation of investments in free trade and customs zones in Serbia. He is a certified lecturer and instructor for ECDL and TOPSIM General Management courses.

When he is not at his office, in meetings, and working through excel spreadsheets, he enjoys basketball, tennis, and growing his relationship with God, his loving wife Ana, son Leonid and daughter Lola.

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Car rental airport Belgrade | Rent a car Belgrade

Are you looking for a reliable and safe car rental agency at Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade? You wonder which car rental agency at the Belgrade airport offers the best conditions for renting a car? You are at the right place because Booom Car Rental Group has been successfully operating at the Belgrade airport for over 3 years. Learn more about our services.

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Car rental airport Belgrade | The best car rental company in Belgrade

You are wondering which is the best rent a car in Belgrade. On the Internet, you have found at least 20 rent a car agencies that rent vehicles. At Nikola Tesla Airport as well. It is not easy to choose an agency in which you will be 100% sure. Unlike many, we offer rental of new rent a car vehicles, with full comprehensive insurance and unlimited mileage.

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