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Car rental Belgrade airport without deposit

Do you want to rent a car at the airport in Belgrade without paying a deposit? To well-known clients and users of our services, we offer car rental without paying a deposit. If you have already rented a car at the Booom rent a car agency at the airport in Belgrade and everything went well, we will not charge you a deposit.

Car rental without paying a deposit

It very often happens to us that a potential client wants to rent a luxury vehicle for one day, the value of which is over 100,000 euros. Unfortunately, in these situations, we do not approve vehicle rentals without a deposit and without a certain amount of available money on the customer's credit card.

Although it may seem unfair, it is too much of a risk to rent high value vehicles without a deposit. There is a whole series of risks that no car rental agency wants to take on when renting expensive cars and vehicles. In addition to the risk of vehicle theft, there are risks of vehicle damage, traffic accidents, and the like.

Unfortunately, there are many cases of alienation in Serbia, i.e. theft of various types of cars experienced by more or less all car rental agencies in Serbia. The stolen vehicles of rent a car agencies in Belgrade ended up in Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria, Montenegro, Italy, etc.

Although vehicles in rent a car agencies in Belgrade are generally fully insured against theft, any stolen vehicle brings many problems and financial losses.

In order to reduce the risks of possible problems to the lowest possible level, we allow car rental without a deposit only to clients who are known and have already used our services.

How does the process of renting a car at Booom rent a car agency work? Here is the answer to this question.

Who can rent a car from our car rental agency?

At the Booom rent car airport agency, all adults with valid driver's licenses can rent our cars and vehicles. Car reservations are made via the website or via Viber and WhatsApp in just a few steps. It is essential that you prepare a photo of your driver's license and ID card, as well as the dates of vehicle pick-up and return.

Reservations through our website

On our website, you can view the available models of rental cars and other vehicles at any time. Based on your own needs, you choose which car you want to rent. We can deliver the vehicle when you land at Nikola Tesla Airport or at any other location in Belgrade. The vehicle can be reserved by phone call. When making a reservation, an advance is paid as a kind of guarantee.

What are the prices for renting a car to Booom?

Car and vehicle rental prices start at 18 euros per day and depend on the class and type of vehicle, the season, the length of the rental, and the current discounts and promotions we offer.

Payment for rent and car service is made in advance when picking up the vehicle. The vehicle pick-up procedure is fast and efficient. Payment can be made in cash or by any type of payment card (Visa, Master, etc.).

What kind of cars and vehicles do we offer?

We have a large number of vehicles with manual and automatic transmissions. Booom! rent a car airport Belgrade offers a large selection of new car rental vehicles of different classes and types. We only rent new cars and vehicles, unlike many agencies in Belgrade.

The users of our services are always satisfied with the vehicles we have, but also with the other services we offer (transfers with a professional driver, rental of luxury vehicles, buses, minibusses, vans, and limousines).

Who are we?

Booom! rent a car airport Belgrade is part of the Royal Car Rental Group and a car rental agency that has been renting all types of vehicles for more than 3 years - cars, vans, jeeps, minivans, SUVs, and luxury vehicles.

We are the fastest, most reliable, and most honest car rental agency in Belgrade and Serbia. We are known for our new, safe, and technically correct vehicles, as well as for our extremely favorable rental car rental prices.

For car rental for a longer period, Booom! rent a car airport Belgrade offers special prices and benefits.

How to contact us?

If you are interested in renting a car service at Belgrade airport, you can make a vehicle BOOKING via the website or by calling the number +381 69 77 63 61.

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How to contact us?

You want to book a car or you have additional questions? Get in touch with us now!